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  • Zen Tenkara EZ Keeper Tenkara Line Holders
    SKU: NFD485

    • Attaches Quickly
    • Fits Most Tenkara Fly Fishing Rods
    • 2 Sets of O-Rings (1 Large Set, 1 Small Set)
    • Assorted Colors
    • Keep Your Fly Line Attached and be Ready to Fish
    • Makes Moving on the Water Easy
    • Helps you Manage your Tenkara Fly Line
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  • Zen Tenkara Floating/All Purpose Line
    SKU: NFD059

    Lengths:  7ft, 11ft,  12’5ft, 15ft, 18ft and 22ft

    Low memory, No Stretch

    Color-Coded Tags to Quickly Identify Line Length

    Lillian and Tippet Connection Loops

    Tippet Ring or Loop-to-Loop Connection Option

    8″ Hi-Vis Sight Indicator

    Streamline Connections

    100% Recyclable


    Made in Colorado, USA

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  • Zen Tenkara Foam Line Holders
    SKU: NFD486

    Pack of three foam spools for your Tenkara lines

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  • Zen Tenkara Furled and Tapered Tenkara Fly Line
    SKU: NFD492

    • Furled and Tapered Design
    • Lillian Connection Loop
    • Tippet Ring
    • Low-Vis to blend with Surroundings for Stealth factor
    • Provides good rod load and feedback for better timing on casts
    • Tip Can be Waterproofed (salve sold separately)
    • Made from High quality raw material from Japan
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  • Zen Tenkara Grab’n’Go Kit
    SKU: NFD188

    You get:

    • Zako Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod
    • EVA Foam Spool/Tenkara Line Holder, preloaded with:
    • Hi-Vis, Furled & Tapered, 11ft Uni Thread Tenkara Fly Line
    • 12 Sakasa Kebari Tenkara Flies
    • Re-usable Plastic Fly Box
    • Spare Tenkara Fly Rod Tip
    • Tenkara Fly Rod Sock
    • Tenkara Fly Rod Carbon Fiber Travel Case


    • Rod Length Collapsed w/ Cap: 21 inch
    • ​Rod Length Extended: 12 inch
    • Handle Length: 10.65 inch
    • Case Length: 23 inch
    • Rod Weight w/o Cap: 85gram
    • Rod Weight w Cap: 91gram
    • Total Weight (Rod, Sock and Case): 243gram
    • Flex: 6:4
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  • Zen Tenkara Interchangeable Performance Rod Tip
    SKU: NFD491

    • Interchangeable Performance Tip Section
    • Provides a faster action for your tenkara fly rod
    • Great for Czech and Euro Nymphing
    • Provide faster hook-sets
    • Use to throw heavier set-ups or cast into wind
    • Color-coded lilian cord for easy identification
    • Fits: Suzume, Zako, Sagi and Taka Tenkara Rods (quickens)
    • Fits: Suimenka Tenkara Rod (offers a mid-action between the Standard and Nymphing/Heavier Tip Included with rod)
    • An easy and inexpensive way to customize your tenkara rod and get 2 actions from a 1 fly rod fast action Performance Tip can customize your rod for feel and action. Fits Zako, Suzume, Sagi and Taka rods creatig a quicker rod tip action. Fits Suimenka rod softening its action. Color coded lillian for convenience and easy identification
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  • Zen Tenkara Line Holder – Snap On
    SKU: NFD834

    • Snap-on design for easy attachment
    • Fits most standard tenkara rods
    • Fits Zen Tenkara Zako, Suimenka, Sagi and Taka (fits Suzume loosely)
    • Ultralight and streamline
    • Keeps lines organized and untangled
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  • Zen Tenkara Line Holder, Handcrafted Wood
    SKU: NFD9190

    • Ultra lightweight
    • Handcrafted in Colorado, USA
    • Real wood
    • Hook and loop strap
    • Stores tenkara lines on and off your tenkara rod
    • Foam fly pads
    • Notched at both ends to secure your tenkara line or tippet
    • Inner winding ridges to reduce crimping or bends in tenkara line
    • Floats
    • Attaches to rod blank or handle
    • Available in 2 sizes:
      Small weighs 0.50oz   3.75″ x 1″ x 0.5625″
      Large weighs 1.25oz  6″ x 1.75″ x 0.875″
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