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  • Beulah G2 Platinum 1083 Nymph

    SKU: NFD034

    Euro Nymphing Rod

    Lenght: 10’8ft

    Line Weight: 3

    Weight: 82 grams

    Action: Tip Flex

    Sections: 4

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  • Douglas DXF 5104
    SKU: NFD585

    The Douglas DXF 10ft wt5 is designed for Nymph Fishing in rivers and lake / reservoir boat fishing!

    Length: 10’0ft

    Line Weight: 5

    Action: Medium-Fast

    Sections: 4

    Weight: 88 gram


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  • Douglas DXF Euro Nymph Rods
    SKU: NFD582

    • DXF rods was awarded “Best Mid Priced 6wt, 5wt, and Best Trout Switch Rod” by George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler Shootouts.
    • Packaged with cordura tube and cloth sock

    DXF 2104   10ft 2wt   79gram
    DXF 3104   10ft 3wt   85gram
    DXF 4104   10ft 4wt   85gram
    DXF 3114   11ft 3wt   91gram
    DXF 4114   11ft 4wt   96gram



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  • Douglas LRS Euro Nymph Rods
    SKU: NFD601

    Inexpensive high end single hand rods for Euro Nymphing1

    3wt and 4wt
    99 grams

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  • Douglas Sky G Nymph Rods
    SKU: NFD9303

    The Sky G Nymph rods are all 10ft and comes in 2, 3 and 4wt.
    With short fighting butt and down locking of the reel.

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  • Galvan G.E.N Euro Nymph Reels
    SKU: NFD9313

    The G.E.N is a Euro Nymphing reel for those who want the very best on the market!
    Based in California, USA Galvan design and produce all their reels in America!

    With the sport of European Style Nymphing becoming more popular; the demand for a high performance, high quality, flyfishing reel has been met by Galvan’s New G.E.N reel.  The key feature of this reel are it’s extreme large arbor and closed frame design.  The extreme large arbor design, for those not familiar with the sport, accommodates the much smaller in diameter Euro Nymph lines.  The closed frame design creates a no slip through gap between the spool and frame also accommodating to the slimmer line profile of the sport.  An added feature of the closed frame is that it also fits the Torque and Rush spools.  A 3 pawl drag engagement is also incorporated to provide ultimate drag strength and rotation.

    Included Galvan Technologies:

    EZ Grip
    low – COF
    Maximum Porting
    Torque Drag System


    Available in three sizes: 2,25, 3,5 and 3,7inch diameter.
    Colour: Gun metal grey
    Weights: 124, 141 and 153 grams
    Extra weight kit is available.


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  • Galvan G.E.N Weight Kit
    SKU: NFD9351

    The G.E.N Weight Kit is a 1/2 ounce brass washer that fits into the spool of the G.E.N reels, allowing the angler to increase the weight of the reel by a 1/2 ounce. A rubber gasket is recessed into a groove in the washer’s hole ensuring a snug fit on the spindle. A threaded hole in the weight allows for easy removal of the weight from a reel using the included weight removal tool. (See instructions here) G.E.N Weight Kits come with one 1/2 ounce weight and includes the weight removal tool.

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  • OnTheDropper 12thRing
    SKU: NFD9249

    When Euro Nymphing you often wish you had a line loop right in front of the handle so you let go of that pendant that can be between the handle and the first fixed line loop, just like when you lay out and happen to lose grip on the line / paw and but have to chase it out half a meter ahead.

    For this reason, OnTheDropper developed this gadget which is called “12thRing”

    You clamp it to the rod as shown in the picture and pull it where you want it to achieve the desired effect.
    This product also useful when sea & lake fishing when you handtwist in long lines!


    OnTheDropper is a Swedish company with many smart product ideas helping fly fishers and fly tyers.

    Products are manufactured using 3D printers and with 100% petroleum free plastics.
    They only use plantbased plastics.

    3pcs per pack

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