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Zen Tenkara Grab’n’Go Kit

3790 kr

You get:

  • Zako Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod
  • EVA Foam Spool/Tenkara Line Holder, preloaded with:
  • Hi-Vis, Furled & Tapered, 11ft Uni Thread Tenkara Fly Line
  • 12 Sakasa Kebari Tenkara Flies
  • Re-usable Plastic Fly Box
  • Spare Tenkara Fly Rod Tip
  • Tenkara Fly Rod Sock
  • Tenkara Fly Rod Carbon Fiber Travel Case


  • Rod Length Collapsed w/ Cap: 21 inch
  • ​Rod Length Extended: 12 inch
  • Handle Length: 10.65 inch
  • Case Length: 23 inch
  • Rod Weight w/o Cap: 85gram
  • Rod Weight w Cap: 91gram
  • Total Weight (Rod, Sock and Case): 243gram
  • Flex: 6:4
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The Grab-n-Go Tenkara Fly Fishing Starter Kit is super convenient and has everything you need to go directly to the river and fly fish. Literally, you can open the package up and be fishing in about 15 seconds! Add an extra spool of 6x-4x tippet and a pair of scissor forceps, and you’re completely set for the fly fishing season. The Grab-n-Go is packaged with our Zen Zako Tenkara Fly Rod with a FRAE Rating of a 5wt. This is an all-purpose, broad spectrum tenkara fly rod that allows for the broadest fishing applications. It’s great for both beginners and highly skilled anglers alike, makes a great gift and is sure to please.  Pair with the Performance Tip for a faster action (sold separately)