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Brand: Douglas


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  • Douglas Cordura Rod Tubes
    SKU: NFD9401

    Whether you have conventional casting, spinning, or fly rods, these tubes are designed to safeguard all types of rods ensuring the safety of your investment.
    Featuring a spacious opening, they can accommodate multiple rods, eliminating the necessity for individual tubes for each rod.

    Two versions:
    120cm outer length / 110cm inner length
    83cm outer length / 74cm inner length

    Inner diameter on both is 8,5cm make them suitable for atleast 3 rods in their rod socks

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  • Douglas Cuff Beanie Black
    SKU: NFD9131

    One size

    Black, Navy Blue or Grey

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  • Douglas Diamond Quilted Vests
    SKU: NFD9357

    The new Douglas Vest:
    It’s a polyester fill, 100% nylon with diamond quilt pattern.
    Contrast lining, covered nylon zipper with metal logo pull and a slight high low hem with side vents.

    PROTECTION: This gives you great transitional layer of protection from the elements for Spring, Fall and chilly summer nights as well as a warm additional layer in the Winter months.
    INTUITIVE DESIGN: This quilted insulated vest features a stand collar and full-length front zipper closure. An extended shirt tail back extension adds protection behind with 2 side vents for more breathability. This puffer vest also features an interior chest pocket for added and secure storage.
    ACTIVE UTILITY: This vest is a light stylish accessory that’s easy to wear making activities like running, hiking, yardwork, fishing, sailing or anything you may find yourself doing outdoors a whole lot easier and comfortable.
    GREAT GIFT: This outerwear vest is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone in your life.
    Easy Care: Fully machine washable

    Comes in Olive, Black or Blue colours

    Sizes Large and X-Large

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  • Douglas DXF 5104
    SKU: NFD585

    The Douglas DXF 10ft wt5 is designed for Nymph Fishing in rivers and lake / reservoir boat fishing!

    Length: 10’0ft

    Line Weight: 5

    Action: Medium-Fast

    Sections: 4

    Weight: 88 gram


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  • Douglas DXF 8’6ft Rods
    SKU: NFD570

    The Douglas DXF 8’6ft single hand rods is their mid price rods:

    Length: 8’6ft

    Line Weight: 4 & 5

    Action: Medium-Fast

    Sections: 4

    Weight: 68-73 gram


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  • Douglas DXF 9ft Rods
    SKU: NFD572

    The Douglas DXF 9ft single is their mid price rods and the weight 5 and 6 has won Yellowstone Anglers award as best mid price rods!

    Length: 9ft

    Line Weight: 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9

    Action: Medium-Fast

    Sections: 4

    Weight: 79-82 gram


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  • Douglas DXF Euro Nymph Rods
    SKU: NFD582

    • DXF rods was awarded “Best Mid Priced 6wt, 5wt, and Best Trout Switch Rod” by George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler Shootouts.
    • Packaged with cordura tube and cloth sock

    DXF 2104   10ft 2wt   79gram
    DXF 3104   10ft 3wt   85gram
    DXF 4104   10ft 4wt   85gram
    DXF 3114   11ft 3wt   91gram
    DXF 4114   11ft 4wt   96gram



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  • Douglas DXF Gen2 rods
    SKU: NFD9400


    Available now is the 9ft 5wt rod (DXF Gen2 5904) and in July a further 5 rods will be available from 4 to 8wt.

    • Moderate fast action, lightweight and sensitive
    • Multi-modulus blank construction, optimizing rod action
    • Minimal tip dampening for extreme accuracy at short and long distances
    • Self-aligning reel seat with dual locking rings and Nylatron inserts
    • Freshwater / reverse half wells grip. Saltwater / full wells grip
    • AAA cork with rubber tips for protection and durability
    • Stainless frame guides in dark neo plating
    • Lightly sanded finish
    • Fresh water rods / emerald green flake. Saltwater rods / brilliant blue flake
    • Packaged with Cordura tube with coordinating cloth sock
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