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Fly Rod Warranty

If you have purchased a Beulah, Douglas or a Taylor Fly Rod you are a happy angler owning some of the nicest rods on the planet!
Please use the registration card which came with your rod or register online at the Rod Company’s website.

Now, NFD cares about end customers our trusted dealers and offer a one year totally free of charge replacement once of a rod section!
This is valid for one year from the date you purchased your rod.

You can either go through the dealer you bought the rod from or contact NFD directly.

After you have owned your rod for one year, these premium brands offer their own individual warranty which you can find here:

Beulah Warranty

Douglas Warranty

Taylor Warranty

You can either contact NFD, the dealer you bought the rod from or the rod company.  NFD will charge the same amount in SEK or EUR as the rod company would charge in USD plus the freight from USA to Sweden and to you.

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