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Fly Boxes

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  • Douglas Metal Wheatley Fly Boxes
    SKU: NFD9184

    Douglas fly boxes in the iconic Richard Wheatley original design. These aluminum fly boxes are 12,5 or 15,5cm long and 9,5cm wide and 3,0cm deep.
    Available in either dual-foam lids, or foam lid with 8 or 10 compartments in the base.

    The compartments are spring loaded and each one is tested in the Wheatley workshop before being packaged for delivery.

    These high-end fly boxes are hand made in the USA.

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  • Dr. Slick Waterproof Fly Boxes
    SKU: NFD9175

    Large:       215x123x49mm
    Medium:  160x103x46mm
    Small:       115x79x30mm

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  • Sunshine Fly Patch
    SKU: NFD9146

    Keep your flies handy & dry while fishing

    • High quality foam structure, nice and dense
    • Can be attached with vest clip
    • Fly Patch measures: 10x7x1cm
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  • Umpqua ZS2 Foam Fly Patch/Holder Olive
    SKU: NFD9368

    A great addition to any pack, this accessory holds a ZS2 fly patch and readily attaches to any loop, d-ring or molle patch in our line. Web loop with “Natick” snap and Velcro back ensures secure attachment to all of our packs.


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  • Wynd Bynder Center Rig Card
    SKU: NFD9298

    The modular Rig Card is designed to store and secure up to 9 fly rigs in a protective, tangle-free manner. It allows for easy wynding and securing of flies that are rigged with tippet.

    Grade A ECO-Friendly EVA Foam
    0,95cm thick x 11.87cm wide x 9,21cm high.

    NOTE:  Wynd Fly Box is sold seperately

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  • Wynd Bynder Gray 01 Series Fly Box
    SKU: NFD9297

    The Wynd Bynder Series 01 is a simple design that is packed with features and functions. The Bynder is the box that holds it all. Easily removable center Rig Card allows for tangle-free storage of pre-rigged flies and tippet. Effortlessly swap out and store multiple fly rigs as fishing conditions change or you break off. This system puts you only one knot away from getting back in the water.

    Lightweight 87grams
    Modular Rig Card keeps them tangle-free
    Aids in quick fly change
    Grade A ECO-Friendly EVA Foam
    Store up to 176 flies and 9 rigs
    3,8cm deep x 12,7cm wide x 10,1cm high

    NOTE:  Spare Rig Cards are sold separately ..but one is included in the fly box

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  • Zen Tenkara Fly Fishing Fly Box, Handcrafted in Wood
    SKU: NFD9283

    • Lightweight
    • Handcrafted
    • Oval design to slip into pockets easily
    • Real Wood
    • Magnetic closure
    • Removable Lanyard
    • For Tenkara Anglers or Regular Fly Anglers
    • Floats…but lets not go there….
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  • Zen Tenkara Spoolbox – Fly Box and Tenkara Fly Line Holder Combination
    SKU: NFD9286

    • Multi-functional
    • Fly box, tenkara line holder and tippet holder all in one
    • Compact
    • Handcrafted, Unique Design
    • Real Wood
    • Functional and beautiful
    • Perfect for the minimalist flyfisher
    • Made in Colorado, USA
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