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NFD Team

Torbjörn Andersson

Founder & CEO
Stockholm, Sweden

Been fly fishing for 45 years and it all started in a Swedish Brown Trout river I still love and live next door too for several weeks each season.
Apart from fishing this little gem of a river Torbjörn fish almost everything/everywhere you can think of as long as it is with a fly rod:
Iceland for Salmon, Char, Sea Run Char and Brown Trout
Scotland for Salmon
England’s chalk streams
US west coast for Steel Head & Chinook
Norway for Salmon
Slovenia, Bosnia and Austria for Rainbow’s,  Grayling and Marmorata
Sweden for Brown Trout, Grayling and Sea Trout on the coast.
Still on the bucket list is Argentina, Japan, New Zealand and Canada


Magnus Axelsson

Magnus is a co-owner of NFD and lives in Åkersberga, Sweden close to Stockholm just by the Baltic Sea with its coastal fishing for Sea Trout.
He prefer to be fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout and occasionally Rainbow’s in local lakes. On the picture you see a 11Kg Salmon from the famous River Mörrum in south of Sweden.
He usually do not fish single hand rods and for Trout but joined on a helicopter trip this summer and of course he did best of everyone in the group, both in number and size with one monster wild Brown Trout of 3,6kg!!

On his bucket list there’s (of course) a 20Kg sea-liced Salmon as well as a return trip to fantastic Iceland.

Ian Craig

Originally from UK but since many years living in Sweden just an hour north of Stockholm.  Ian , who is an exhibition Fly Tyer, is the man who introduced the Spey Spider flies in 2014.  Most of the time he fishes for Brown Trout and Grayling in the county of Dalarna a few hours north of the Swedish capital.  Rotälven and Österdalälven is his “go to” waters. This county is just a tiny part of Sweden but offers hundreds of rivers and many more lakes. This country is paradise for a fly fisher! Ian caught his first Brown Trout when he was only nine years young and that is still his best memory.

On the bucket list is Atlantic Salmon fishing!

Pietro Brunelli

Pietro grow up in the the Northern part of Italy by the Dolomites and have fished almost all rivers in that beautiful area.Lives now in Tuscany and guides in Mountain trekking and also fly fishing.  He is very much into casting techniques and has a Fly Fishers International Master Casting Instructor Certificate. Now he is also in the FFI certification examiners program.

Pietro loves his Trout & Char fishing but also practice Sea Trout fishing and other species along the coast.

Lots of things on his bucket list and as a Mountaineer high up is backpacking on a complete Alps Traverse with a Fly Rod but also the west coast of US for Pacific salmon & steelhead!

Timo T Kanerva

Timo lives about two hours from Stockholm in a beautiful and “forestry” area named Bergslagen where he fish three local rivers:
Sverkestaån, Hedströmmen & Kolbäcksån
They hold wild Brown Trout but are also Stocked with Rainbow’s.
During the short Scandinavian summer Timo prefer to fish in the extreme North of Sweden…for monster Char, Brown’s and Grayling. The abundance of water up there is enormous.
Timo has also fished in Croatia and Slovenia and Iceland and on the current bucket list is a return to Iceland!

Mirko Ban

Lives in beautiful Slovenia which often is referred to as New Zealand of Europe (at least for fly fishers….)
Has fished the esmerald green rivers for 10 years and in Slovenia its never a far drive to gorgeous rivers like Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Unec, Idrijca, Baca, Sava Dolinka, Krka and Vipava to mention some of Mirko’s rivers.
Fly Fishing is his life and he is engaged in other ways than just fooling a fish to go after the fly. To do good! So he is taking care of his local rivers as a watchman for FF Jesenice. High up on Mirko’s bucket list is Patagonia and Northern Scandinavia

Micke Anderson

Micke is an excellent Fly Tyer and of course use SPRITE Hooks.  His “artist” name is “Sash-Up Fly Tying” on Instagram. Check it out!

He lives south of Stockholm by the worlds largest archipelago (24,000+ Islands!) where he fly fish for Sea Trout, Pike and Perch.

When it comes to Fly Tying he started in the early 90’s with a plan to tie everything from small dry flies to classic salmon flies. As it turned out Micke ended up mainly making Pike and Sea Trout flies. And they are second to none!!

Nowadays he fish a lot for Trout and Grayling and on his bucket list you’ll find Kola, Russia, Cuba and NZ

Torgeir Nordkild

Torgeir is lucky enough to live in perhaps the most beautiful and spectacular countries on this planet. He lives in the North near city of Tromsö and fish local Salmon rivers but also go away to remote areas for Trout.  On the coast Torgeir cast for Sea Trout in the spring time before Salmon season.  Did you know that Norway has more than 850 salmon rivers??  Having said that, his mission is to land a 10Kg Salmon in his local small river….perhaps in summer 2021?

On his bucket list you find Argentina, Iceland and more rivers to discover in the Finnmark area of Northern Norway

Mikael Jenei

When Mikael grow up in Stockholm he got into Fly Fishing already in 1974 after he got a present from is father.    It was a book named “Mörrumsån” by famous Hans Lidman!

Family’s Easter feathers became flies and Mikael started targeting Sea Trout in city center of Stockholm where lake Mälaren flow into the Baltic sea.  A stream which is around 500m and runs just outside the castle.
Pretty unique!

He fished between the current bridges in high tide and fixed with ropes not to be washed away and out in sea 🙂

Mikael fish in Sweden, Norway, England, Slovenia and Iceland for Arctic Char, Grayling, Brown Trout, Salmon and Sea Trout.

Included in his long bucket list you find Hokkaido in Japan, Steelhead on US westcoast,  once again the English Chalk Streams, Scotland, Mt. Blackfoot River in Montana and New Zealand.

Peter Sorensen

He lives in the northern part of Jutland in Denmark and have fished for more than 40 years.  Peter is from a family where almost everyone was fishing and an uncle even had a beat on one of the worlds most famous Salmon rivers: Laerdal in Norway.

Since several years he has spent the summers in wonderful Iceland working as a chef at fishing lodges, and of course fished for Salmon, Char and Brown Trout whenever possible.

When back home in Denmark Peter mostly target Sea Trout and Salmon. The Sea Trout fishing in Karup Å is among the best in the world, at least if you target monster size fish!

Nils Håkansson

Nils lives just north of Stockholm and have been fly fishing for 45 years.
A bit unusual but it was his mother who got him into fishing!!
Home waters for “Nisse” is around the lake Rogen approx. 600km North West of Stockholm. An area with many rivers, streams and lakes.  Brown Trout and Grayling is the target there.
Each year he go on a solo trip with a his packraft discovering new waters.
Last ten years Nils has gotten hooked by salt and are fishing for Bonefish and Tarpon.
Yet to experience i.e. on the bucket list is a perfect Arctic Char water.

Petteri Strömberg

Petteri lives currently in Tampere, Finland and its in Finland at first picked up the art of fly fishing. In Lapland area as a teenager!
Since then most of his fly fishing has been for Brown Trout and Grayling in Scandinavia and Finland.
Work has taken Petteri to North Carolina, USA and to Portugal where to he of course brought his waders and rods!
In US he fished both for different Trouts, salt water and Steelhead. Steelhead is a favorite!
In Portugal he fished for Salmon (Yes, they have that!!)
Lately he is more and more into Atlantic Salmon fishing and mainly in Norway.
Petteri has also ticked off Iceland and now high up on the bucket list is Alaska!

Andreas Borg

Andreas lives a 3 hours drive south of Stockholm by the huge lake “Vänern”. 
Most fly fishing days for him is Sea Trout and Rainbow’s.
Apart from Sweden he has fished in Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Greenland and Iceland.   Slovenia is one of the favorite places which he returns to as often as possible although his best memories are from Greenland.

On Andreas wish list you find salt water fishing for Bonefish and also Alaska!

Filip Mirkovic

Filip is from Banja Luka in Bosnia where all the good Bosnian rivers are just within one hour drive. He is working on river Ribnik, one of the most famous rivers in Europe for fly fishing. Filip started fly fishing in 2008 and outside of Bosnia he has fished Slovenia and Serbia.

Highest up on the bucket list you’ll find New Zealand and Iceland!

Favorite way to fish is sight fishing big graylings on small nymphs but he also like dry fly fishing with big mayflies and stoneflies.

Marika Westberg

Marika lives in the northern part of Jämtland close to the Norwegian border.  She was brought up in a family who more or less lived for fishing and no wonder with the huge number of lakes and rivers in that part of Sweden.  Fly Fishing was what she really prefers and have enjoyed for many years. 
In her neighborhood who primarily fly fish for Brown Trout and Arctic Char but often also visit Norway for Salmon, primarily the big fish river Björa.

When the opportunity came up to run and manage a fishing camp called “Jormvattnets fiskecamp” it was an easy decision.  Marika is now also guiding fly fishing tourists in the nearby river.

On her bucket list is to land a very huge salmon in Norway (That’s where you find the monsters!) and get the opportunity to fish in Iceland, Scotland and New Zealand

Tor Hansson

Tor lives in Katrineholm in Sweden. He started fly fishing when he was only 13 years of age and focus all his fishing in Sweden.  Brown Trout, Rainbows and Sea Trout mainly and both on single hand and spey rods (Sea Trout).  On Tor’s bucket list we find Slovenia and also North America’s west coast for Steelhead and Chinook!