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  • Adamsbuilt Fly Combo “Learn to Fly Fish” Kit 9ft 5wt
    SKU: NFD096

    This combo is ideal for learning how to fly fish and sharing the joys of fishing with others. It includes everything you need to get started!
    • 9ft 5wt 4-piece fly rod
    • Lightweight composite 5/6 fly reel
    • Quality WF5F fly line and backing pre-loaded on reel
    • Hard Rod Case

    SKU NFD096

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  • Cheeky Dacron Backing 20lb 200yds
    SKU: NFD014

    • 200 yard, 20 lb. spool of premium backing
    • High visibility color (Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue & Green)
    • Low friction
    • Abrasion Resistant
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  • Cheeky Preload Series
    SKU: NFD011

    As the name imply, these reels come with backing, a WF fly line, a leader and a reel case.

    Preload 300 for weight 2-4 rods

    Preload 350 for weight 4-6 rods

    Preload 375  for weight 6-8 rods

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  • Douglas DXF Euro Nymph Rods
    SKU: NFD582

    • DXF rods was awarded “Best Mid Priced 6wt, 5wt, and Best Trout Switch Rod” by George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler Shootouts.
    • Packaged with cordura tube and cloth sock

    DXF 2104   10ft 2wt   79gram
    DXF 3104   10ft 3wt   85gram
    DXF 4104   10ft 4wt   85gram
    DXF 3114   11ft 3wt   91gram
    DXF 4114   11ft 4wt   96gram



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  • Douglas LRS Euro Nymph Rods
    SKU: NFD601

    Inexpensive high end single hand rods for Euro Nymphing1

    3wt and 4wt
    99 grams

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  • Douglas LRS Single Hand Rods
    SKU: NFD593

    Inexpensive high end single hand rods!


    LRS F4764:  7’6ft, #4 , 75 grams

    LRS F5864:  8’6ft, #5,  81 grams

    LRS F5904:  9’0ft, #5,  82 grams

    LRS F6904:  9’0ft, #6,  87 grams

    LRS F7904:  9’0ft, #7,  113 grams

    LRS F8904: 9´0ft, #8,  128 grams

    LRS F9904: 9´0ft, #9,  128 grams

    LRS F10904: 9’0ft, #10, 130 grams

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  • Douglas Magnetic Nipper
    SKU: NFD9183

    A patented Magnetic Nipper System, powered by Lidrig, brings technology and convenience to the water in a whole new way. These Nippers are easily accessible by magnetically attaching to the included steel clip. Put these Nippers on your hats, vest, straps, boats, cars, waders, pack or your belt loop!

    • Integrated bottle opener, eyelet clearing needle and sharpening stone.
    • 100% powered by magnets which means NO SPRINGS!
    • No replacement pieces – Keep sharp with the included diamond coated sharpening clip.
    • Corrosion-resistant stainless construction with hardened PVD black coating.
    • Lanyard accessible for extra safety.
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  • Douglas Metal Wheatley Fly Boxes
    SKU: NFD9184

    Douglas fly boxes in the iconic Richard Wheatley original design. These aluminum fly boxes are 12,5 or 15,5cm long and 9,5cm wide and 3,0cm deep.
    Available in either dual-foam lids, or foam lid with 8 or 10 compartments in the base.

    The compartments are spring loaded and each one is tested in the Wheatley workshop before being packaged for delivery.

    These high-end fly boxes are hand made in the USA.

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