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Brand: Zen Tenkara

Zen Tenkara

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  • Zen Tenkara EZ Keeper Tenkara Line Holders
    SKU: NFD485

    • Attaches Quickly
    • Fits Most Tenkara Fly Fishing Rods
    • 2 Sets of O-Rings (1 Large Set, 1 Small Set)
    • Assorted Colors
    • Keep Your Fly Line Attached and be Ready to Fish
    • Makes Moving on the Water Easy
    • Helps you Manage your Tenkara Fly Line
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  • Zen Tenkara Floating/All Purpose Line
    SKU: NFD059

    Lengths:  7ft, 11ft,  12’5ft, 15ft, 18ft and 22ft

    Low memory, No Stretch

    Color-Coded Tags to Quickly Identify Line Length

    Lillian and Tippet Connection Loops

    Tippet Ring or Loop-to-Loop Connection Option

    8″ Hi-Vis Sight Indicator

    Streamline Connections

    100% Recyclable


    Made in Colorado, USA

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  • Zen Tenkara Fly Fishing Fly Box, Handcrafted in Wood
    SKU: NFD9283

    • Lightweight
    • Handcrafted
    • Oval design to slip into pockets easily
    • Real Wood
    • Magnetic closure
    • Removable Lanyard
    • For Tenkara Anglers or Regular Fly Anglers
    • Floats…but lets not go there….
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  • Zen Tenkara Foam Line Holders
    SKU: NFD486

    Pack of three foam spools for your Tenkara lines

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  • Zen Tenkara Furled and Tapered Tenkara Fly Line
    SKU: NFD492

    • Furled and Tapered Design
    • Lillian Connection Loop
    • Tippet Ring
    • Low-Vis to blend with Surroundings for Stealth factor
    • Provides good rod load and feedback for better timing on casts
    • Tip Can be Waterproofed (salve sold separately)
    • Made from High quality raw material from Japan
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  • Zen Tenkara Fusion Line
    SKU: NFD9181

    • Propriety Zen design
    • Casts and feels like a regular fly line
    • Unique welded connection and leader/tippet loops
    • Level, supple and floating
    • No memory
    • Tag end on Connection Loop for easy removal
    • Laser inscribed with length
    • Available in 15ft (grey) and 20ft (green), Light and Mid-Weight versions
    • Weights/Diameter:
      15ftLightW: 2,79gram & 0,90mm
      15ftMidW:   4,47gram & 1,15mm
      20ftLightw:  3,82gram & 0,90mm
      20ftMidW:   6,09gram & 1,15mm
      25ftLightW:  4,73gram & 0,90mm
      25ftMidW:    7,71gram & 1,15mm
      16ftBig:        7,45gram.  Tapered
      28ftBig:        12,96gram. Tapered
    • Casts well on most tenkara rod brands
    • Pairs best with Zen Zako, Suimenka, Sagi and Taka tenkara rods
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  • Zen Tenkara Grab’n’Go Kit
    SKU: NFD188

    You get:

    • Zako Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod
    • EVA Foam Spool/Tenkara Line Holder, preloaded with:
    • Hi-Vis, Furled & Tapered, 11ft Uni Thread Tenkara Fly Line
    • 12 Sakasa Kebari Tenkara Flies
    • Re-usable Plastic Fly Box
    • Spare Tenkara Fly Rod Tip
    • Tenkara Fly Rod Sock
    • Tenkara Fly Rod Carbon Fiber Travel Case


    • Rod Length Collapsed w/ Cap: 21 inch
    • ​Rod Length Extended: 12 inch
    • Handle Length: 10.65 inch
    • Case Length: 23 inch
    • Rod Weight w/o Cap: 85gram
    • Rod Weight w Cap: 91gram
    • Total Weight (Rod, Sock and Case): 243gram
    • Flex: 6:4
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  • Zen Tenkara Hachi Rod
    SKU: NFD9230

    The Hachi Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod is the little dynamo of Zen Tenkara’s fly rod line-up. The Hachi just makes you smile – which is why around here, we call it the Happy Hachi. It’s the perfect small stream or small species tenkara fly rod and is ideal for those tight, cramped, overgrown and tiny creeks or waterways.   Its the most delicate small stream rod or for fish in super tight places or super small streams, but due to its specs, is the perfect learning tool for children ages 4yr -12 yrs.  Includes spare tip, fly rod sock and carbon fiber travel case.

    Fly Rod Approximate Equivalency (FRAE):: 2/3wt
    ​All Purpose, Small Water/Small Species Tenkara Fly Rod
    Rod Length Collapsed w/ Cap: 40,6cm
    Rod Length Extended: 6’ 10″ (2,08meter)
    Handle Length: 19cm
    Case Length: 47cm
    Rod Weight w/o Cap: 42gram
    Rod Weight w Cap: 45gram
    Total Weight (Rod, Sock and Case): 158gram
    Flex: 5:5

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