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Teeny Tippet 50m Spools

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Teeny Tippet 50m Spools
SKU: NFD9295

Legendary Jim Teeny’s Nylon Tippet Material on 50m spools.
From 7X to 07X

Diameters & Breaking strenghts:

Size Approx.Diam. Breaking Strength Lb Breaking Strength kg
7X 0,10mm 2lb 0,9kg
6X 0,13mm 3lb 1,4kg
5X 0,16mm 4lb 1,8kg
4X 0,19mm 6lb 2,7kg
3X 0,21mm 7lb 3,2kg
2X 0,23mm 8lb 3,6kg
1X 0,26mm 10lb 4,5kg
0X 0,28mm 12lb 5,4kg
01X 0,31mm 15lb 6,8kg
04X 0,38mm 20lb 9,1kg
05X 0,43mm 25lb 11,3kg
06X 0,50mm 30lb 13,6kg
07X 0,54mm 35lb 15,9kg

7X, 6X, 5X, 4X, 3X, 2X, 1X, 0X, 01X, 04X, 05X, 06X, 07X

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    Loops: Reinforced Welded Loops on Both Ends

    Head Length: 10,7m
    Breaking strength: 30lb
    Head Weight:
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    #6  15,2g
    #7  18,1g
    #8  20,4g
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