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Pirate Trout – Trout leaders


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Pirate Trout – Trout leaders
SKU: NFD9270

Tapered nylon leaders
9ft and 12ft
From 0X to 7X tippet diameters

Diameter & Breaking strengths:
0X  0,280mm  6,8kg (14,9lb)
1X  0,250mm  5,8kg (12,7lb)
2X  0,230mm  4,4kg (9,8lb)
3X  0,200mm  3,9kg (8,5lb)
4X  0,175mm  2,7kg (6,0lb)
5X  0,150mm  2,0kg (4,4lb)
6X  0,127mm  1,5kg (3,3lb)
7X  0,105mm  1,0kg (2,3lb)

Length & Diameter

9ft0X, 9ft1X, 9ft2X, 9ft3X, 9ft4X, 9ft5X, 9ft6X, 9ft7X, 12ft0X, 12ft1X, 12ft2X, 12ft3X, 12ft4X, 12ft5X, 12ft6X, 12ft7X

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