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Pirate Trout – Salmon leaders

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Pirate Trout – Salmon leaders
SKU: NFD9271

Tapered nylon leaders
12ft and 15ft
Diameters: 0,31 – 0,34  –  0,38 and 0,43mm

Breaking strengths:
0,31mm  6,8kg (15lb)
0,34mm  8,2kg (18lb)
0,38mm  9,5kg (21lb)
0,43mm  11,8kg (26lb)

Information Table
Price in Euro (Excl. VAT) €10,3 - €11
Length & Diameter

12ft0,31mm, 12ft0,34mm, 12ft0,38mm, 12ft0,43mm, 15ft0,31mm, 15ft0,34mm, 15ft0,38mm, 15ft0,43mm

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