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OnTheDropper ClampMount


OnTheDropper ClampMount
SKU: NFD9265

Have you found the right place for your clamp/plier yet?
For the owner&product designer of OnTheDropper, it took until summer of 2021 when he discovered the best place for it!
Where is the fish when you need the clamp? In the landing net of course !!
So here you have a gadget that allows you to have the clamp where it does the most good:
On the landing net handle!!

Check this out:


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Price in SEK (Incl. MOMS) 129 kr

OnTheDropper is a Swedish company with many smart product ideas helping fly fishers and fly tyers.
Products are manufactured using 3D printers and with 100% petroleum free plastics.
They only use plantbased plastics.

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