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Monic The Dot

69 kr


A single dot on the hook attracts fish
Best in low light conditions
Activate with natural or artificial light
Easy to apply

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Natural glow, or luminescense, is present in many insects and baitfish in both fresh and saltwater, and this glow attracts fish. Too much glow, however, will actually scare fish. The best approach is to use just a smidgeon (a dot) on the bend of a hook or on the eyelet to create a tiny presence of glow – especially in overcast or dark conditions (deep water). The Dot is inexpensive, odorless, non-toxic, and has unlimited shelf life. Best of all, The Dot will help you catch more fish.

Suggestions for success

Activated by sunlight or artificial light, The Dot instantly gives a brilliant yellow-green glow to any dry fly, nymph, or streamer. A 25-minute exposure will produce hours of glow in darkness or low-light conditions. Just a 4-minute exposure with a flashlight allows up to an hour of glow. When applied, a dry surface is required.

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