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Douglas LRS 10ft Rods with butt extension

3490 kr

Douglas LRS 10ft Rods with butt extension
SKU: NFD9126

Fast rods for Salmon, Sea Trout, Sea Bass, Steelhead and also Tropical Saltwater

From 6wt to 10wt
From 156 to 173 grams

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Price in Euro (Incl. VAT) €299

With the Douglas LRS Fly Rod Series, Head Rod Designer Fred Contaoi has brought high-end performance to a price point for every angler, redefining the value expected from a fly rod without the premium price tag. Each model has been finely tuned to find the perfect action that meets the needs of veteran anglers and beginners alike.

The Douglas LRS Fly Rod Series features an eye catching deep blue finish complemented by a nickel finished stainless stripping guide, hard chrome snake guides, quality cork grips, and a carbon reel seat with double uplocking rings. With models designed for spinning, casting, fly fishing, float fishing and trolling; the LRS Fly Rod Series is not only is bound to be a flagship for Douglas for years to come, but to be one of the deepest lineups in the entire market.

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LRS F6102, LRS F7102, LRS F8102, LRS F9102, LRS F10102

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  • Monic Advanced Clear Plus Line
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    Weight Forward CLEAR Floating 3-12 wt Freshwater & Saltwater

    All line from MONIC are free of PVC for the benefit of the environment and to last longer!

    Taper: Javelin

    Core: Low-Stretch Braided Fiber

    Ideal Temp Range: From +4C & Above

    Weight: Half Size Above AFFTA Standard

    Loops: Reinforced Welded Loops On Both Ends

    Head Length: 11m
    Breaking strength: 45lb
    Head Weight:
    #3  10,6g
    #4  13,3g
    #5  14,6g
    #6  16,0g
    #7  17,5g
    #8  19,7g
    #9  21,7g
    #10 25,6g
    #11 29,7g
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  • Oros Strike Indicators, 6pcs in Aluminium Jar
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    A new package for the small (16mm) and medium (21mm).  Aluminium re-usable jar filled with 6 indicators.
    Mixed Colours, White, Orange or Pink

    To fasten:
    1. Unscrew top
    2. Place line in screw slot
    3. Screw on top until the screw and nut grips the line
    4. Unscrew ¼ turn to adjust up or down
    5. Don’t over-tighten.


    Features and details:
    • Recommended line weights by size: small – 5X and lower, medium – 4X or lower, large –
    3X or lower
    • Does not kink the line
    • Float as much or more weight than the current leading brands.
    • Smooth surface developed to repel water and dirt, and create less drag while casting
    • Made with a Biodegradable additive that accelerates biodegradation with prolonged
    exposure in natural environments, not in normal use
    • Strike indicator top and bottom colors can be mixed or matched by anglers for optimal

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  • Dr. Slick SR4BW Black Widow All Purpose Razor Scissor, 4″
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    Black Widow
    SR4BW Black Widow All Purpose Razor Scissor, 4″, Bent Shaft, Black and Red, Adjustable Tension, Serrated Blade

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  • Taylor Anomaly Z Rods
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    – Medium-fast to fast action / ultra-fast recovery speed
    – Ultra-high modulus carbon fiber and graphene blank
    – Carbon fiber with custom aluminum reel seat
    – Raw, un-sanded blank with matte blue finish
    – Flor-grade thin ring cork handle
    – Best in class swing weight
    – Laser engraved cream/blue aluminum tube with fast dry rod sock
    – Titanium recoil single foot guides
    – Cericoil titanium stripping guides
    – Alignment dots with rod length and weight on ferrules
    – Light weight (5wt — 76gram only)
    – Saltwater safe in all sizes (no fighting butt)
    – Available in  8’6ft 4wt and 9ft in 5wt and 6wt,

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  • Zen Tenkara Zako Rod
    SKU: NFD187

    • Rod Length Collapsed w/ Cap: 21 inch
    • Fly Rod Approximate Equivalency (FRAE):: 5wt
    • ​All Purpose, Broad application Tenkara Fly Rod
    • Rod Length Extended: 12 foot
    • Handle Length: 10.65 inch
    • Case Length: 23 inch
    • Rod Weight w/o Cap: 3oz
    • Rod Weight w Cap: 3.2oz
    • Total Weight (Rod, Sock and Case): 8.6oz
    • Flex: 6:4
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  • Monic Striper Elite Intermediate Lines
    SKU: NFD9272

    Targeted for Striper, Sea Bass and other species where you need a cold water salt line with some power to it!

    Weight Forward – Intermediate sink 1.5-2ips

    The two different heads (Long and Short) has been designed with density compensation, meaning as you move up the front taper and into the belly, the line becomes gradually less dense. This puts the very tip of your fly line the deepest in the water column, improving strike detection, and keeping the belly portion out of the fishing zone.

    There’s a slight color change in this line, as the front head is colored with a muted blue that will still be unobtrusive and not stand out in the water, with the rear taper and running line transition into a greyish/black color.

    Taper: See two taper drawings in the photo’s

    Long #8:   Head tbc g –  Belly tbc g
    Long #9:   Head tbc g –  Belly tbc g
    Long #10: Head tbc g –  Belly tbc g
    Short #8:   Head tbc g –  Belly tbc g
    Short #9:   Head tbc g –  Belly tbc g
    Short #10: Head tbc g –  Belly tbc g

    Core: Monic’s new semi-stiff low-stretch saltwater core
    Ideal Temp Range: +1C & Above, but works ok although a bit stiffer at lower temperatures
    Loops: Reinforced Welded Loops On Both Ends

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  • OnTheDropper Rod Balancing Kit
    SKU: NFD9256

    A front heavy rod is no good!
    To find a reel that give you the right balance can be expensive and seldom fully accurate.  With this balancing kit you can easily achieve balance in the rod as you can change the weight very precisely with the help of discs that are hidden inside the balancer.
    IMPORTANT: Before ordering, you must measure the diameter end of the reel seat so that it matches.

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  • Taylor Series-1 Full Frame Reels
    SKU: NFD9216

    – Multiple standard colors (Slate Grey, Golden Olive, Ruby Red, Offshore Blue)
    FULL FRAME Construction!

    – Watertight sealed drag system (salt-water safe)
    – Hard anodized exterior for both beauty and protection
    – Carbon-fiber drag system
    – Highly ported yet ridged frame design
    – Ultra large arbor design for fast retrieve and minimal line coil
    – Cold-Forged and machined from aerospace 6061 T6 Aluminum
    – Reel clicks on both incoming and outgoing
    – Convertible to both left and right hand retrieve
    – Reels come in a tough neoprene case- Two-tone anodized reel frame

    One size: wt4-6:  136 grams and 95mm diameter

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