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Monic Saltwater Master – Bonefish


Monic Saltwater Master – Bonefish

Specialized Tropical Saltwater line for Bonefish!

Colour: Sandy beige/yellow

Weights: 7, 8 and 9

Head Length: 14m
Head Weight:
#7  21,2g
#8  24,4g
#9  26,0g

Information Table
Price in SEK (Incl. MOMS) 1499 kr


The Bonefish taper gives the angler the perfect mix of a gentle stealth presentation paired with the aggressiveness to combat high wind conditions and deliver long accurate casts. With an aggressive front-taper design paired with a more elongated belly and gradual rear taper, this line will still shoot line effortlessly but will allow for a more delicate landing on the water which is key when fishing shallow flats to spooky Bonefish.


The Saltwater Master series uses Monic’s new semi-stiff low-stretch saltwater core. The minimal stretch allows for excellent sensitivity and powerful hook-sets while still allowing to anneal/straighten the line easily with a simple hand stretch. This added stiffness will also help retain the character of the line in extreme heat.


The Saltwater Master uses the advanced STS coating system. With its game changing slickness formula uniformly built into the coating, the slick properties will never wear off, maintaining that superb line shooting ability. STS also reduces salt build-up, extending maximum performance in between cleanings. This line has a sandy beige/yellow color added to the coating, making it still very stealthy and unobtrusive on the water. Giving the angler the advantages of having a stealthy natural color line but with slightly more visibility for tracking your line on the water.

Line Weights

All Saltwater Master – Bonefish lines are weighted on the heavy side of the true AFFTA standards. You can see the weight ranges in the chart picture (weights are measured from the first 30 ft of the head). Many fly lines in today’s market are vastly over-weighted, sometimes up to 3 sizes. Monic understand that not every angler is using a fast action rod or wants an ultra-heavy fly line forced into their hands. That is why Monic want to leave the decision up to you.  After all, nobody knows your rod and fishing style better than you do.

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#7, #8, #9

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    Torque T-7 7 3,875 179
    Torque T-8 8 4,000 215
    Torque T-9 9 4,125 227
    Torque T-10 10 4,250 232
    Torque T-12 12 4,500 244
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