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Dr. Slick Twisted Loop Scissor Clamp 5-1/2″, Gold Loops, Straight (1/2) – SNH55GTW


Dr. Slick Twisted Loop Scissor Clamp 5-1/2″, Gold Loops, Straight (1/2) – SNH55GTW

  • Available in Gold Loops Only
  • Available in Straight Jaw Only
  • Pin-In Shank

12 in stock (can be backordered)

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Price in SEK (Incl. MOMS) 349 kr

A truly groundbreaking series of clamps. By offsetting one loop and installing a gap between the loops, we have created a more ergonomic clamp with better control, dexterity and crushing power. These clamps can easily handle all streamside tasks. FYI, your thumb goes in the standard loop.

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Straight, Curved

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  • Taylor Anomaly Z Rods
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    – Medium-fast to fast action / ultra-fast recovery speed
    – Ultra-high modulus carbon fiber and graphene blank
    – Carbon fiber with custom aluminum reel seat
    – Raw, un-sanded blank with matte blue finish
    – Flor-grade thin ring cork handle
    – Best in class swing weight
    – Laser engraved cream/blue aluminum tube with fast dry rod sock
    – Titanium recoil single foot guides
    – Cericoil titanium stripping guides
    – Alignment dots with rod length and weight on ferrules
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    – Saltwater safe in all sizes (no fighting butt)
    – Available in  8’6ft 4wt and 9ft in 5wt and 6wt,

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    Umpqua’s Salmon/Steelhead Leaders are perfect for fishing varying conditions on your anadromous rivers. The longer versions are ideal for swinging traditional wets to steelhead/salmon on a floating line while the 5’ length is great for intruder style flies on heavy sink tips.

    NOTE:  Only 10ft available now.  5ft and maybe 8ft later in this season!

    Length: 10ft
    Breaking Strengths: 12, 16 and 20lb

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    12 feet of Umpqua’s most abrasion-resistant and invisible material is perfect for low clear water or high pressure rivers where presentation is paramount.

    Length: 12ft
    Breaking strengths: 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20lb

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