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Teeny T-Series Long Sink Tip Lines

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Teeny T-Series Long Sink Tip Lines
SKU: NFD9232


With all the products that Jim Teeny Inc. offer none has had a greater impact on the fly fishing world than their sinking fly lines.
Equally effective in both fresh and saltwater situations these lines handle and cast like a dream because they are designed to be perfectly balanced.

The T-Series of lines comes in four grain/gram weights:  130, 200, 300 and 400 grain head weight.
A 24foot (7,3m) fast sinking tip with a floating running line of another colour (green, white, orange and yellow respectively)

Sink rates  /  Head weights  /  Rod Size:

T-130:  4,0IPS  / 130grain (8,4g)    / Rod 4-6wt
T-200:  5,5IPS /  200grain (13,0g)  / Rod 6-8wt
T-300:  6,5IPS  / 300grain (19,4g)  / Rod 7-10wt
T-400:  8,0IPS  / 400grain (25,9g)  / Rod 8-12wt

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130grain, 200grain, 300grain, 400grain

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