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Taylor Elemnt Reels

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Taylor Elemnt Reels
SKU: NFD9111

– Ultra-large arbor design for fast retrieve and minimal line coil.
– Watertight sealed ESD+ drag system (saltwater safe)
– Hard anodized exterior for both beauty and protection
– Multiple standard colors (Stealth Black, Lemon Lime, Ruby Red, Ice Blue)
– Composite drag system
– Highly ported yet rigid frame design
– Cold-Forged and machined from aerospace 6061 T6 Aluminum
– Reel clicks on both incoming and outgoing
– Convertible to left or right hand retrieve
– Reels come in a tough neoprene case
– LVL (Level) spool design for added capacity and line control

Size 2-4: 117 grams and 86mm diameter
Size 4-6: 126 grams and 97mm diameter
Size 7-9: 134 grams and 108mm diameter



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Price in Euro (Excl. VAT) €281,00-296,00

ELEMENT (Definition) – 1. the weather, especially strong winds, heavy rain, and other kinds of bad weather. 2. One of the substances, usually earth, water, air, and fire, formerly regarded as constituting the material universe. 3. A natural habitat, sphere of activity, environment, etc.

Designed to battle fish as well as the elements, the Elemnt reel was created to offer anglers a premium quality fly fishing reel at an affordable price point. The Elemnt is sealed, machined, cold forged, and lightweight. The Elemnt spool features Taylors new LVL (level) technology, which matches the inside diameter and outside diameter of the spool evenly; this allows the reel to hold more backing and perfectly distribute line across both sides of the spool. We believe the Elemnt is the best price-conscious reel ever designed!

ESD+ TECHNOLOGY – Taylor’s ESD+ (EXTERIOR SEALED DRAG PLUS) drag system has the full performance of a sealed drag system at the price point of an unsealed reel. The ESD+ system seals the drag using external o-rings placed at critical locations around the drag housing. Water, dirt, and debris are completely held at bay with our ESD+ drag system! The ESD+ features an improved two-way clicker, a linear robust drag, and a smoother start up when compared to the original ESD drag.

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Size & Colour

#2-4 Black, #2-4 Ice Blue, #2-4 Lemon Lime, #2-4 Ruby Red, #4-6 Black, #4-6 Ice Blue, #4-6 Lemon Lime, #4-6 Ruby Red, #7-9 Black, #7-9 Ice Blue, #7-9 Lemon Lime, #7-9 Ruby Red

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