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OnTheDropper MagneticDehooker

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OnTheDropper MagneticDehooker
SKU: NFD9257

Getting the fish off the hook is usually done with a clamp, but a forcep can destroy the fly or twist the hook incorrectly.

This hook release tool works so that you slide it on your line then push it down towards the hook, press a little lightly whereupon the loose hook sticks to the magnet inside the tube and is thus prevented from getting stuck again while you pull it out.

This means that you can release even really deep-seated hooks that are impossible to get loose with the forcep.

Its made of plant-based plastic and wood!

Total length around 15cm.

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OnTheDropper is a Swedish company with many smart product ideas helping fly fishers and fly tyers.
Products are manufactured using 3D printers and with 100% petroleum free plastics.
They only use plantbased plastics.

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