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  • Dr. Slick Scissor Clamp, 5-1/2″, Prism Finish, Straight, 1/2 – SNH55PR
    SKU: NFD723-SNH55PR

    • Available in Straight Jaw Only
    • Pin-In Shank
    • 5 1/2 inch Scissor clamp
    • Prism finish
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  • Dr. Slick SNH5/6BW Black Widow Scissor Clamp, 5″ and 6”, Bent Shaft, Black and Red, Straight
    SKU: NFD9322

    Black Widow
    Scissor Clamp, Bent Shaft, Black and Red, Straight
    SNH5BW: 5 Inch
    SNH6BW: 6 Inch

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  • Dr. Slick Spring Creek Clamp, 5″, Prism Finish, Straight, S – CX5PR
    SKU: NFD722-CX5PR

    • Available in Straight Jaw Only
    • Pin-In Shank
    • 5 inch Spring Creek clamp
    • Prism finish
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  • Dr. Slick Standard Clamp, 4″, Gold Loops, Straight or Curved – C(C)4G (Copy)
    SKU: NFD686

    • Half Smooth and Half Striated Jaw Structure
    • Pin-In Shank
    • 4 inch
    • Straight or Curved
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  • Dr. Slick Standard Clamp, 5″, Prism Finish, Straight, STR – C5PR
    SKU: NFD721-C5PR

    • Available in Straight Jaw Only
    • Pin-In Shank
    • 5 inch standard clamp
    • Prism finish
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  • Dr. Slick XBC Nipper w/Pin, 2″, Textured Rubber Grips – NP
    SKU: NFD750

    • Super sharp blades
    • Hook eye cleaning pin
    • Metal: 400 Japanese stainless steel

    8 colours:  Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow, White and Black

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  • Fortis Sunglasses: OverWraps
    SKU: NFD9342

    Comfortable, Light-Weight Fit Over Polarised Sunglasses
    The Fortis OverWraps are polarised fishing sunglasses designed to FIT OVER regular spectacles. Specifically designed for prescription glasses users, these practical performance fit over sunglasses help eliminate unwanted light, whilst cutting out glare to help the angler see deeper.

    Soft rubber inserts on the frame arms ensure these frames don’t slip off your head, whilst maximising comfort. A unique vent system at the top of the frame, increases airflow preventing mist/fog build up when pushing a barrow or climbing a tree to spot fish. The stylish matte black flexible lightweight frame means they can be worn all day long comfortably.

    Available in Brown 247 lenses (OW001), Amber AMPM lenses (OW002) or our new Switch lenses (OW003).
    Check out our lens guide for more info.

    Weight: 35g

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  • Iwana RETRO Salmon Reels
    SKU: NFD9193

    Bogdan started making this style of reels in 1955, and they were very popular with anglers at that time. Many anglers still love these reels, even though he stopped making them a decade ago. We are bringing classic reels back to get more anglers to use Bogdan-style reels and providing them with good after-sales service. We believe that great reels should not be displayed in a cabinet but taken to the river to go fishing.


    Pleasant click sound, better performance and vintage look, you will get all that on an IWANA Reel.

    • Adjustable drum drag with pleasant sound.
    • Full frame construction
    • Made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum bar and anodized. 
    • Hand polished Ebonite or wooden handle. 
    • Handmade high-quality suede bag.
    • Engraved serial number.

    Available in 3 sizes and 2 colours:

    Small      3,50inch diameter. 269gram. For 5,6 and 7wt Switch rods and Trout Spey Rods
    Medium 3,75inch diameter. 298gram.  For 6 to 8wt Switch rods and Light Spey Rods (12-13ft 6-8wt)
    Large      4.00inch diameter. 326gram.  For Spey rods of 13-15ft and 8-10wt.

    Black & Silver

    All reels are Left Hand Retreive. This cannot be changed.  Right Hand Retreive reels can be ordered upon request at same price but please allow for 2 weeks lead-time


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