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Zen Tenkara Floating Line 12,5ft

690 kr

Zen Tenkara Floating Line 12,5ft

Low memory, No Stretch

Color-Coded Tags to Quickly Identify Line Length

Lillian and Tippet Connection Loops

Tippet Ring or Loop-to-Loop Connection Option

8″ Hi-Vis Sight Indicator

Streamline Connections

100% Recyclable


Made in Colorado, USA

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Price in Euro (Excl. VAT) €51

Non-traditional but oh so sweet. This eco-friendly, 100% recyclable Zen Floating Tenkara Fly Line is effortless to cast, cuts wind, delicately loads the rod, and will quickly become your favorite tenkara fly line. It provides solid hook sets since it doesn’t stretch and has almost no memory, so tangles and knots are non-issues. It blends well with it’s khaki color but has an 8″ Hi-Vis Indicator Section to make your life easier and your eyes happier. Zen Floating Tenkara Fly Lines are designed with an easy on/off connection loop, color-coded tags for easy identification of line length and has both a connection loop and tippet ring on the opposite end to give you set-up options. This supple line is solid yet delicate, lays out perfectly and is 100% made in Colorado, USA. Available in 6 lengths:  7′, 11′, 12.5′ and 15′, 18′ and 22ft

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