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Wingo Reel Cases

299 kr

Wingo Reel Cases

Art specially commissioned by outdoors artist Sarah Lauridsen

Extra thick and protective neoprene

Water vents

Large over-rod flap with oversized velcro attachment

For reels from size 2 to 7

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Price in Euro (Excl. VAT) €20,7

Protecting your fly reel is important, but protecting it in style is even more important!  These durable, high quality neoprene reel cases come in two sizes and a variety of fish skin styles. Featuring an extra large over-rod flap, water vents, thick neoprene, and durable velcro, Wingo’s Fish Skin Reel Cases keep your reels protected on and off the water.

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Fish Skin

Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout

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