To go onto your reel!
From Arc, Beulah and Cheeky.....A,B,C...

Arc's Streamer 17 

Latest line development of ARC Fishing from US!

For tossing big Streamers in freshwater but also for Sea Trout on the coast!

Floating with a 17ft Sink 6 tip

SEK 999 / EUR 99

Beulah's Tonic v2

SKAGIT style shooting head lines.

Short: 18ft, 175 - 300grain
Switch: 22,5ft, 325-525grain
Spey: 24-27ft, 450-575grain

SEK 679 / EUR 67

Beulah's Serum

Salt Water Shooting head full line with clear intermediate sink tip

Available in weights from 250 to 550 grain. Head part 150-450 grain
Lengths from 120 to 130 feet

SEK 1299 / EUR 129

Beulah's Aero

Mid belly Spey shooting head

Available in full line weights from 410 to 810 grain. 
Lengths from 41 to 62 feet

SEK 999 / EUR 99

CHEEKY's backing

200meters (well, yards)


Available Orange, Blue, Green, Pink and Purple

SEK 249 / EUR 24,60

ARC's Leaders

3 packs of the highest quality copolymers tapered leaders!

9 and 12ft

Each package include 3 leaders

0X,1X,2X,3X,4X,5X and 6X 

SEK 199 / EUR 19,90

ARC's Tippet

40m spools of flourocarbon coated nylon. Best of two worlds!

0X,1X,2X,3X,4X,5X and 6X

SEK 99 / EUR 9,80